Foxtrot Company! New and Improved!


A link to their site can be found on the "Links" Page. Most if not all of our games will be found on these forums in the "Events" section with all the details. These forums help us all stay in contact and organize events.


Welcome To Foxtrot Company Airsoft Team. "To Build Courage and Honor Through the Sport of Airsoft."

We are a small airsoft team based in Plymouth MI just starting up and we are looking for members in the Plymouth/Canton area of Michigan. The team currently consists of 2 squads of 7 people total. Currently  positions are open for rifleman and marksman.

You can contact me Dan Connors at Devilboy65656@aim.com. I am the site admin and team founder.


All current members between 14 and 15 years of age, please keep this in mind when submiting an application.


Mark and I have been out in the forest a couple of time and have cleared most of the area we will be playing in. Of course no one will be playing back there for a couple of months due to hunting season. However we did finish two bases for a capture the flag or base assualt senario. One is in a small clump of trees we can an "Island" and the other is in the corner of part of the forest behind a couple of huge rotted out trees. Both bases are in very good locations and have been cleared out and ready for play and the forest base even has a scavenged latter type tree stand! We hope to be out playing soon.  

Field Location 

Located near North Territorial and Homestead Ln. in Plymouth MI. We play mostly in and around the creek, farm fields, and forest behind Homestead. We also frequent the Farmington CQB arena, located in Farmington at the Haunted Winery. Check the MIA boards "Event" section for more information.

Great video!  

Support our troops. They sacrifice it all for our freedom. "And yet another angel warrior runs guns blazing into the hell of war, never looking back."  

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